Sunday, November 21, 2010

No new pics tonight, but soon. School is coming to the end of the quarter for me and I can't wait this has been a never ending quarter!! So I know I usually talk about the fam and stuff, but today I just have to vent. I have official decided that my health and body are bugging me and to important to not take it seriously anymore! I have said this for a while, but I am just so sick of the never ending fight with eating right and saying I am going to workout and then never, or at least rarely do. So I hope I can count on some of you, among friends that live close to keep me honest and on my toes with having to follow through! We get so busy that it has been very very easy for me to say a lot about changing it, but never doing it. SO this is me officially announcing that I have a problem eating right and wanting to for that matter, so here goes nothing.......Ewww, ok I feel a little better now, wish me luck. I know it might seem silly, but I have never had to watch what I eat, so to have to start doing that will be somewhat of a challenge. Anywho, we are heading down in December and can't wait to see everyone:)

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